Cease2Xist Pre-Order!

01.01.17 - Cease2Xist Pre-order!

The long-awaited new album from Cease2Xist is now available for pre-order. 'Zero Future' spits fire, fury and disgust on the rotting corpse of 2016. Available as a beautiful 4 panel digipack, or on digital (via all the usual digital outlets), here are seven 'Zero Future' facts that you need to know...

1. The majority of the album is inspired by the William Blake poem 'Auguries of Innocence'.
2. One track features a sample from one of C2X's favourite albums of all time by John Coltrane.
3. It features an instrumental track inspired by C2X's childhood love of 80/90's Manga films.
4. It includes a reimagined track that was dumped from the 'WIYGN?' EP.
5. The album features eight tracks and comes in at just over 35 minutes.
6. The title of track one was originally the album title but C2X settled on 'Zero Future' later in the writing process.
7. This album is NOT gluten or cruelty free! We hope it offends all of you

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C2X - Zero Future CD