Judda - Total Fucking War! - SOLD OUT!!!

26.10.15 - JUDDA's 'Total Fucking War'! NOW SOLD OUT!!

JUDDA are a band we've loved since we first encountered them in the arse-end of Camden town, so, so long ago. They burned brightly but briefly, and their regular gigs with such killer acts as PIG, Cubanate and Optimum Wound Profile injected them into the London scene's concsiousness. The gigs were characterized by such genuine mayhem and sense of danger that distanced them from their peers; a band consumed with such anger and inner-turmoil that it manifested itself wholly during the live shows to startlingly dynamic effect. Despite a couple of compilation appearances and the promise of an album, Judda ground to a halt before making their mark on the world-at-large, victims of their own volatility, though rumours persisted that material had been recorded. Enter the intrepid gophers here at #TeamArmalyte, who persisted in trying to track down Industrial Metal's holy grail, and we can finally unleash this once considered lost material on the world. 'Total Fucking War' is a riotous compilation of studio tracks, demos and remixes, long thought lost to the void. The release date for this monster is Monday 26th October, which means that it's now out officially, and pre-order's for this release are now gone the way of Cabbage Patch Kids and the Atari 2600. Cheer up though, you can still order the CD below, but the stunningly garish t-shirt is now no more, and shall remain an exclusive to all those good folk that pre-ordered the combo pack.