Formed from the ashes of experimental industrial duo Third Door From The Left and proto-noise mongers Birth Complex; HYDRA are named after both the seven headed monster of Greek myth (check out Ray Harryhausen's "Jason and the Argonauts" for an entertaining, if wildly inaccurate, version of events), and the secret terrorist organisation from Marvel Comics "Nick Fury - Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D." (in it 's original mid-sixties incarnation dedicated to the violent overthrow of all governments, now sadly recast as a neo-nazi group due to political revisionism).

After several years as a two-piece, during which time Raye was recruited to the ranks of Leech Woman and Nick pursued other visual based projects, Hydra became a trio with the addition of Rog (also of Leech Woman) adding metal percussion and power tools to the mix.

When pushed, the band have described themselves as post- Industrial Punk. Occupying a position somewhere between Skinny Puppy, early Consolidated and Discharge, the sound is a head-on collision between the righteous anger of Punk and the vicious soundscapes of industrial pioneers like Cabaret Voltaire and Suicide. Taking the "anyone can do it" attitude and applying it to the technology of sequencers and samplers. Punk without guitars. Industrial without the crypto-fascist overtones.

Hydra is Nick - Words/ Samples/ Loops/ Programming/ Visuals, Raye - Electronics/ Samples/ Loops/ Programming/ Keys and Rog- Percussion/ Power Tools

Facebook: Hydra