New Disease 'Patent Life (Deluxe)' Pre-Order!

16.02.15 - Sorry, You've Missed The Boat!

...But don't fear, you can still buy the stupendously beautiful deluxe edition of New Disease's 'Patent Life' album here - An amazing 26 tracks over 2 CDs, this edition takes the original version of the album, and superpowers it with a miasma of B-Sides, rarities and unheard demoes from the ND archives. Shoot here for the tracklist and check above and below for a sneaky listen to both CDs.

New Disease 2 Disc CD

"For those craving a home grown 'intelligent' rock band, there's salvation in this sickness." - Kerrang!.

"Alternative rock at its sharpest and most intelligent." - Reflections Of Darkness Webzine.

"New Disease again prove themselves to be the great white hopes of this genre… In Lee Bane they have a fearsomely gifted front man. He takes what is already great music and makes it astonishing." - 9/10 Metal Hammer.

"Confident, brain-rattling stormers that shimmer with style, their anthemic, stadium-rock leanings are pulled off with aplomb - making New Disease a far more exciting and interesting proposition than most" - Rock Sound.

"New Disease recognise the bombast that 'proper' rock music should carry with it, and deliver the goods with a lush, full-bodied blast. Supremely self-confident." - 4/5 Kerrang!.